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About Me

I'm getting to be one of the old timers on 11 Meters. Starting back in 1973, I have been involved in two-way communications since. My AM Handasple is the Ghost Rider though I'm mostly reside on SSB 27.385 LSB gong by 275.

I also enjoy other ects of radio communications but always remembered that my roots are here on the Ham Radio and CB Band. With 39 years on this band alone I am starting to feel that I have been there and done that.

I'm in Northeastern Pennsylvania.






Radio Communications, Citizens Band, Amateur Radio, Radio repair and restoration, Antennas.


Galaxy DX-959 (AM/SSB)

Sears RoadTalker 40 (40 AM/SSB)


4 Ele Beam,

5/8 Ground Plane

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Freeband America Radio DX Net On Facebook

The Quack Shack - QS~0275

The World Radio Club DX Group - WR~275

The World Wide NeedleBenders

Sierra Delta Xray - SDX~275

Sierra Fox DX Group - SF~275

Mudducks International - MD~77 On Facebook

Southwestbreakers CB World - SWB~275 On Facebook


"SideBand" (SSB) is a mode capability found in higher-end CB Radios. You will have access to the Upper & Lower Sideband Modes (USB, LSB), In addition to the "Regular" (AM) mode, on each of the 40 channels, using the "Am/USB/LSB switch. When switched to sideband, each receive signal must be "fine tuned" in with the clarifier or voice lock control found on the SSB CB radio, otherwise people will sound garbled or distorted. Keep in mind that when switched to a sideband, you can only communicate with other CBers that have that capability as well. You can usually expect an increase in range, & less noise on SSB, than on the "standard" AM 40 channels.






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