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DX 93T

Introducing the first Twin Turbine 10 Meter Radio

Dual fans head the list of fresh new ideas that make this our most feature-packed radio.

In with the new:

  • A High Performance output circuit that uses one Toshiba 2SC2290 power transistor to generate 20 watts for AM/FM and 50 watts for SSB operation
  • Dual Mini cooling fans on the rear increase the overall radio length by only one half inch
  • New chassis incorporates a solid aluminum finned rear section as a heatsink
  • Main circuit board upgraded to the same board as the DX 2517 base radio
  • New "StarLite" faceplate is matte black with all lettering backlit in green and blue
  • Retro-look red modulation lamp flickers like the old neon lamps of the Fifties and Sixties
  • Our exclusive "SuperSlider" circuit maximizes frequency control by switching the Fine clarifier between Receive/Transmit and Receive Only operation or completely out of the circuit with one slide switch. The Coarse clarifier operates on both receive and transmit unless the SuperSlider switch is off. When switched off, both clarifiers are out of the circuit.
  • Switchable sixth digit provides five or six digit frequency display
  • Red channel and frequency digits
  • Front mic jack
  • Heavy duty DC power cord

Out with the old:

  • A three-position power level switch takes the place of a variable output pot
  • A 40dB attenuator switch takes the place of a receive gain pot
  • A dim switch takes the place of a dimmer pot
  • No On/Off switch for the frequency display
  • No Roger Beep circuit

The DX 93T also has the following standard features found on other Galaxy radios:

  • Large, easy-to-read meter with 4 scales:
    • "S" meter indicates up to 60dB over S9
    • Modulation percentage scale for use on AM
    • Calibrated power scale
    • SWR scale
    Automatic SWR circuit (No complicated calibration procedure required)
  • LED's light red to warn of high SWR
  • Echo with dual controls
  • Talkback circuit with On/Off switch and volume control
  • Meter glows red during transmit
  • NB/ANL circuit with green LED indicator
  • Two year limited warranty









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