CB Microphone

That's a lot of microphones to choose from. Here is some info that might make the choice go a little easier:

CB Microphone Features

There are several features associated with CB microphones. Some are just for fun, but most have practical uses.

Power - Power, or pre-amplified, mic's are microphones that require a battery and amplify the audio before it gets to the radio. This is useful for those who speak softly, or may have a weaker signal.

Speaker - Speaker microphones are mic's with the speaker and microphone components in the handset. These types of microphones are typically used with radios developed to work with them

Echo - Echo mic's, as the name would imply, produce an echo sound effect. Some have a dial to adjust the speed of the echo.

Noise Canceling - A noise canceling microphone helps filter out background noise while you talk.

Roger Beep - A microphone with roger beep will transmit a beep when you un-key the mic. This lets the listener know you have ended your transmission.

Dynamic - A dynamic microphone is a basic CB microphone with a ceramic cartridge inside.

Electret - An electret microphone is a basic CB microphone with an electric cartridge inside. These mic's can be smaller and less expensive than the dynamic mic's.



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